A new way to enjoy office lunch

Power up your team and increase productivity with the best lunch served from our curated kitchen.

Boost your team’s productivity

Less time needed to find lunch means your team has more time to relax at lunch time. When it’s time to get back to work, they’ll be more focused.

Relieve yourself from food complaints

You don’t have to hear “I don’t like this food” or “This food sucks” anymore because now it’s our Customer Experience team who will handle complaints.

Endless choice of food

More than 80 (and the number keeps on growing) curated kitchen partner and restaurant will serve your team the best lunch everyday.

Why you should choose our Corporate Catering program?

Save up to 30%

Pay only for what your team actually eats so you can save budget up to 30%.

Flexibility for any team

Set lunch budget for your team’s easily using our pre-paid balance model.

Guarantee in every meal

Every meal in Kulina has a quality and on-time delivery guarantee that can be claimed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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